My 3rd Day in Irancell
Talking about a nice job , finally i got mine here in irancell .. althought i am still knew , i really have no idea what exactly i should be doing in this job . i just hope that will get to know exactly what i should be doing and learn how to keep this job . if not i may be fired in the end .

i like working in the filed that is as specific as this job , and i hope i can do a job and be a good employee ,

its been so long since i posted anything on LJ , but hopefully today is a new begining


Perfect Picture
isn't this familiar :)

SH ( SUrvival Horror)
How i love Survival Horror Games and Movies, and etc , especailly SCI - FI SH , :)

rate your top movies or games

for me :

1 - Resident Evil ( 0, 1 , 2, 3, 4, CODEVX )
2 - Silent Hill ( 1, 2, 3, 4 )
3 - Resident Evil the MOvie ( 1 , 2 )
4 - Fatal Frame ( 1,2 )
5 - Tale of two Sisters ( Korean but oh well it was so good that the americans are going to remake it)
6 - Open Water ( More psychological )
7 - hitch hikers guide to the galaxy ( not horror but just wanted to include it )
8 - Bram Strokers Dracula
9 - Shadow Hearts ( 1 , 2 )
10 - Alien ( 1 , 2 , 3, 4)

wow what a discovery , last night before going home after swimming at 8pm dropped by my favorate place to watch movies ES2 in talamban , wow i was impressed with the upgrade, not only they charge 50 bucks for the movies only , the play it on a wide screen TV , i watched Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, as mark said it was great , loved it, the quality wasn't that good but no complanes and i would love to see it on big screen because the effects were amazing ,:) plus they were cute in it :)

the jits of it , the earth is run and has been sponsered by mice :) supprising isn't it

now that was a movie worth watching unlike the stupid Boogyman which i coughed up 100 bucks on:)

after watching that it makes you think, how i wish that would happen to me , :)

now i kinda interested to read the books on it :)

Schools are Evil
Today just like every other day of the enrolement i am pissed at everything , our beloved registrar decided to suddenly place new rules and guidelines, and all the sstupid SVDs together they are trying to make USC into USJR, as a read heard crazy girl ones said ((NOT ORIGINAL NOT ORIGINAL )) .. imagin going back and forth to the different offices hoping to get a sucject open which everyone already agreed upon and willing to pay . but no they just have to say go and come back the next day , its no longer about people studying standards or whatever. its just about money money money , it always is. and for crying out loud. the students are the ones begging now for subjects to be opened not for the school to offer and no one to take.. wierd ha ?

well not so , i probobly thing all the schools that are run by SVDs, the whole religous crap are in it together, imagin they are making the new incoming freshmen wear uniforms,they just want to do that because they are so turned on with the guys and girls dressing up for school... and they all parade abuot how education is important and how they are poor and just workers of god.. yah sure just look at what they wear their robe thingy has to be at least 50K , not to mention their footwear and lavish houses they leave in, gosh it really makes me mad...

so it makes me wonder are school evil , no they aren't but that doesn't stop people who run it not to be.

can't wait to get out of there and face the rest of the world with


My first LJ Entry
well what a night and what a day after :) ... its been so long since i've been out like this ... yehey my first post. hmm don't know what to place here :)

hmm probably explain about what CODEVX stands for

well obviosly it has something to do with my favorite game REsident Evil Code : Veronica X so there CODEVX :)

Live RPGs are so fun ... can't help but enjoy and laugh along with everyone as everyone comes up with unbelivable lines that really blows me away :)

i can't belive i've missed out on so much all these years :) . but never too late right ?

oh congrats to me , i ate my 1st sea food of the year , as everyone knows i hate seafood .:) but oh well it came at a price, now that i visited the royal chambers besides the usual stuff lots of oily stuff came with it .. now i remembered why that fish tasted nice, that is the catch:) i wonder how marc is doing with that. CJ didn't eat,

reminder to self : don't eat sea food until next year.. or not unless the world runs out of other food :)

cheers everyone and thanks ...



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