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My first LJ Entry
well what a night and what a day after :) ... its been so long since i've been out like this ... yehey my first post. hmm don't know what to place here :)

hmm probably explain about what CODEVX stands for

well obviosly it has something to do with my favorite game REsident Evil Code : Veronica X so there CODEVX :)

Live RPGs are so fun ... can't help but enjoy and laugh along with everyone as everyone comes up with unbelivable lines that really blows me away :)

i can't belive i've missed out on so much all these years :) . but never too late right ?

oh congrats to me , i ate my 1st sea food of the year , as everyone knows i hate seafood .:) but oh well it came at a price, now that i visited the royal chambers besides the usual stuff lots of oily stuff came with it .. now i remembered why that fish tasted nice, that is the catch:) i wonder how marc is doing with that. CJ didn't eat,

reminder to self : don't eat sea food until next year.. or not unless the world runs out of other food :)

cheers everyone and thanks ...


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woohoo~! ;p

well, we thought you'd liked the sushi.. *does penguin chop on fish* =p twasnt so bad.. if the oily stuff comes out-- what's done's done.. the important thing is that it was good while it lasted in your mouth, eh? *wink*

maybe it was coz both of you ate so much.. and we had an assorted other food and drinks and coffee before that.. lol.. ;p

if you still dont like fish.. there's always plan B.. *gives you lemur* =p

A toast: to wild RPGs!

You ate Nemo! ;-)


Congrats on your first post of your very first blog, Nads! Thanks for the great company. See you Saturday for the game and Charades. Hehe...

Yay! Can't wait! Grrr. Where'll it be?

Hehe... go Charades!

The Clay Treant. :->

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