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Schools are Evil
Today just like every other day of the enrolement i am pissed at everything , our beloved registrar decided to suddenly place new rules and guidelines, and all the sstupid SVDs together they are trying to make USC into USJR, as a read heard crazy girl ones said ((NOT ORIGINAL NOT ORIGINAL )) .. imagin going back and forth to the different offices hoping to get a sucject open which everyone already agreed upon and willing to pay . but no they just have to say go and come back the next day , its no longer about people studying standards or whatever. its just about money money money , it always is. and for crying out loud. the students are the ones begging now for subjects to be opened not for the school to offer and no one to take.. wierd ha ?

well not so , i probobly thing all the schools that are run by SVDs, the whole religous crap are in it together, imagin they are making the new incoming freshmen wear uniforms,they just want to do that because they are so turned on with the guys and girls dressing up for school... and they all parade abuot how education is important and how they are poor and just workers of god.. yah sure just look at what they wear their robe thingy has to be at least 50K , not to mention their footwear and lavish houses they leave in, gosh it really makes me mad...

so it makes me wonder are school evil , no they aren't but that doesn't stop people who run it not to be.

can't wait to get out of there and face the rest of the world with


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evil everywhere indeed! and your registrar is the sith lord.. ;p

hope the start of classes will be better.. who knows you might find someone you fancy.. ;p *crosses fingers, legs and uhm.. muscles.. for*

I'm with you on that. I meant about getting away. As much as I love my friends in Cebu, the place isn't giving me what I need anymore. Time to do some laracrofting. Can hardly wait! :->

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