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wow what a discovery , last night before going home after swimming at 8pm dropped by my favorate place to watch movies ES2 in talamban , wow i was impressed with the upgrade, not only they charge 50 bucks for the movies only , the play it on a wide screen TV , i watched Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, as mark said it was great , loved it, the quality wasn't that good but no complanes and i would love to see it on big screen because the effects were amazing ,:) plus they were cute in it :)

the jits of it , the earth is run and has been sponsered by mice :) supprising isn't it

now that was a movie worth watching unlike the stupid Boogyman which i coughed up 100 bucks on:)

after watching that it makes you think, how i wish that would happen to me , :)

now i kinda interested to read the books on it :)

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its showing already??? =(

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